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7 Steps To Start A Career As A PHP Developer

If you’re a computer enthusiast and love solving problems, developing software may be something that interests you. Let’s face it – software is everywhere. It can be found in pretty much any device; from smartphones to smart TVs, laptops and desktops, tablets, and even in automobiles.
Aside from the fact that software is an incredibly useful tool, there are other reasons why developing software may be something that interests you. Perhaps you’ve read online articles discussing how lucrative becoming a developer can be; or maybe you’ve seen videos on YouTube discussing the demand for developers and their high starting salary. Software developers don’t just earn good money – they earn great money.
What does this mean for you if you have an interest in developing software? Why not take action and start working towards your goal of becoming a successful developer? In this article, we will discuss


  1. What is PHP?
  2. Why Become a Developer?
  3. Pros of Becoming a Developer
  4. Cons of Becoming a Developer
  5. Final Words

What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source programming language that is used in many websites. It’s also used by an extensive list of companies, including Facebook and Instagram.
PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. This means that PHP is a procedural, dynamic scripting language that supports both object-oriented and function-oriented programming styles. Typically, PHP is viewed as a server-side language because it’s not compiled or interpreted. Although, with the help of technologies like NodeJS and Python, some programmers have been able to create web applications on top of this general purpose language using JavaScript as the glue code between them and the server running the software written in PHP.

Why Become a Developer?

This is a question we ask ourselves all the time. Why become a developer? And for many people, this is the first step towards becoming a full-time developer.

1. You’ll be able to solve problems and create things

When you’re developing software, you’re solving problems. This can take on many forms – whether it’s fixing bugs or adding new features to existing software. What’s good about software development is that you are in charge of the final product. You can make sure that your software has all of the features you want and it performs as expected with no errors. This is also why developing software can be so fun, because there are so many different ways developers can approach solving problems, which means there are a lot of different challenges to tackle!

2. Independence

Many companies offer training on how to develop software, but they will not hire already-trained developers right away. In other words, you need to train yourself before any company will hire you as a computer programmer/developer (or anything close). This means that if you have an interest in becoming a developer and work hard at it for several months, you’ll eventually be able to find a job as a developer without having any background in programming beforehand!

3. It’s recession-proof career

In recent years, we’ve seen lots of evidence that shows computer science careers have been thriving in contrast to other traditional careers because employers know the demand for programmers will continue

Pros of Becoming a Developer

It’s a long-term career with unlimited earning potential
You can work anywhere (as long as you have the skills to perform specific tasks)
The working hours are flexible
The job market is starting to look up (if you want it to) – more and more companies are hiring developers
The average salary for software developers is quite lucrative – it ranges from $65,000 per year to $130,000 per year!

Cons of Becoming a Developer

The most obvious con of becoming a developer is the amount of time and commitment it takes. There are no quick and easy routes to success as an individual who wishes to become a software developer. It’s unfortunate, but true; you have to put in the time if you wish to be successful.
Another con is that it can be difficult to find work as a software developer – especially if you’re just starting out. If you hope to succeed in this field, it’s important that you maintain a positive outlook and don’t get discouraged when times are tough.
There’s also the fact that software development can sometimes be stressful or frustrating – especially for those who may not have the patience or persistence needed for such an endeavor.

Final Words

7 steps to start a career as a PHP developer

  1. Understand what you’re getting yourself into
  2. Learn the basics of programming
  3. Get involved in frameworks, libraries, and tools
  4. Practice with the aforementioned tools and libraries
  5. Participate in community-driven forums like Stack Overflow or GitHub
  6. Learn about software testing tools and processes
  7. Develop your skills further by attending conferences